Tallinn, Tartu
Published: 13/03/2018 Deadline: 30/03/2018

We are looking for people who would join our sales team, help us conquer new markets and are fun to work with.
We need someone who loves the sales process, who gets things done and can manage many parallel deals without getting lost in the pipeline.



What will you be doing?

If you were already working in our sales team, here are some things you would have done over the last few weeks:

  • mainly worked with your sales pipeline (you guessed that one, right?)
  • prospected for new leads
  • kept an eye out for events and trade shows we would attend
  • helped to improve our sales materials
  • helped to onboard a few customers
  • might have played a few rounds of disc golf with the team :)


Which qualifications should you have?

In order to do those things and enjoy it all, you would need to:

  • be able to independently analyse the needs of clients
  • take the lead role in assisting with the business case
  • have some previous sales experience
  • be fascinated by technology and communications
  • be able to work independently and efficiently
  • have good networking skills to forge strong partnerships


Apart from the fact that we're a great team, here are a few other reasons why to join us:

  • Messente is a company with a proven business model going through an exciting growth period. Fast-growing startups are fun :) 
  • We go out of our way to create a culture of learning and self-development.
  • You are free to work from whichever office you choose. Our HQ is in Tartu, we have also an office in Tallinn, but not everyone from the sales team lives and works in Estonia.
  • Flexible working hours and the opportunity to manage your own time reflect our commitment to making it easy to integrate your career with the rest of your life.
  • Last but not least - salary. We live in a competitive world so we pay competitive rates that recognise your efforts.


Messente is a fast-growing profitable startup based in Estonia providing dead simple mobile messaging and 2-step verification APIs. In other words - we help large international businesses to send notifications to their customers and we help online services to protect their users :)

Our clients are based mainly in Europe and include web applications, banks, hotels, airlines, retail chains, consumer brands and other businesses coming from a wide range of industries.

Messente is founded by Mobi Solutions, the company who launched Fortumo. Having the initial founders of Mobi and Fortumo as our advisors helps us grow and shape our products for the international client portfolio.