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Cellboxlab SIA

Leading researcherCellboxlab SIA

We are looking for a post-doc to join our team to work in projects with organs on chips and extracellular vesicles. The project is aimed to develop PDMS-free chips with integrated sensors focusing on lung on chip and gut on chip. The models are used to test extracellular vesicles (EV) as drug delivery vehicles and research microbiota - host communication mechanisms. Therefore, a large portion of this work will be done using BSL2 and BSL3 equipment at Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre and 650+ m2 ISO9001-accredited cleanroom facilities allowing microfluidic device fabrication at facilities of Institute of Solid State Physics.

Cellbox Labs (https://www.cellboxlabs.com/) is one of the top biotech startups from Latvia that develops unique organ on chip technology that enables to create more accurate in-vitro models.

Job responsibilities

• Functional device experiment design and execution.
• Lung in chip and gut on chip functionalization with stable cell lines, primary cell lines and organoids differentiated from patient derived iPSC.
• Viable, anaerobic patient derived microbiota cultivation within gut on chip and analysis.
• Therapeutic extracellular testing within lung on chip.
• Thorough experiment documentation and report preparation.
• Writing scientific publications and present results in international conferences.
• Support, supervision and mentoring of PhD students.
• Work closely together with engineering team.

Job requirements


• PhD in a field related to use of organ on chip technology or similar technology obtained not more than 7 years ago.
• Demonstrated expertise in innovative organ on chip applications.
• Strong research background in at least one of the following: microfluidics, different in vitro platforms, cell biology, molecular biology.
• Experience in work with stable cell lines, primary cell lines, iPSC and organoids.
• An ability to work in a fast-paced, cross-functional group environment.
• Ability to manage multiple assignments effectively in a quickly evolving environment.
• Must be eligible to work and travel in EU without restrictions.


• Experience with iPSC reprogramming and differentiation
• Previous experience with microbiota within gut on chip is a plus.
• Previous experience with EVs is a plus.
• Previous experience in cancer research is a plus.


• Approximately 40 000 € annual gross salary.
• Innovative and positive working environment.
• 4 week/year paid vacation.
• Health insurance.
• Professional and personal development opportunities .
• Lecturer position opportunities at university.

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