Junior UNIX system administrator for cloud
Junior UNIX system administrator for cloud
ModirumID OÜ
Junior UNIX system administrator for cloud

Junior UNIX system administrator for cloudModirumID OÜ

Cloud natives sought for challenges and fun!

- Stuck in a draining "IT-janitor" job?
- Installed Linux or *BSD on your computer, but all your friends use Windows?
- Frustrated with the lack of geekiness among your colleagues?
- Fascinated by the world of Unix but never had a good reason to take the plunge?
- Comfortable in modern cloud platforms like aws/azure?

If one or more of the above applies to you, we might have a spot for you!

Modirum is a growing, multi-national company that provides both software and hosted services for banks, merchants, payment service providers and card companies all over the world.

In order to serve our customers better - and free up time for our Command Line Warriors to do what they do best - we are growing our cloud platform support team. Among the many things we need help with are:
- Handling 1st and 2nd level support requests
- System-level research of issues and inquiries
- Classifying and cataloguing inquiries
- Improving support systems and processes
- Creating, improving and maintaining support documentation
- Keeping the customers happy

You need to have good understanding of modern cloud platforms backed up by some real work experience, and a basic understanding of Unix-like command line concepts; be comfortable with both. We consider genuine interest in learning more about *nix systems administration and security in cloud context and willingness to grow as a professional in this field a great merit.

Our preferred operating system is FreeBSD, because it has jails and ZFS. We use MySQL as our database and Tomcat to run most of our applications. Puppet is used to manage infrastructure. We need you to help us run all this in a cloud platform and provide help to our customers who purchase the service from us, collaborate with support team and developers to contribute to efficient and smooth development and testing processes.

Since we're handling sensitive and valuable information, security is a very high priority.
Knowledge of IT security concepts is a plus and hands-on experience in this area is a great plus.

We can offer:
- Good terms and conditions
- Working from "anywhere" (no relocation required as long as you reside in the EU/EEA)
- A great chance to learn about *nix sysadmin work
- Possibilities to further improve your cloud knowledge

If you are interested, apply. We look forward hearing from you!